Each Dejade piece is meticulously crafted in our signature style - this has evolved over time to reflect the richness of Chinese tradition whilst infusing Western modernity. We specialise in artisanal and bespoke jewellery, handcrafted by our in-house goldsmiths who we have worked with for years to harness the skill and technical knowledge required for intricate jewellery-making. Each jewel in our creations is selected and set to the highest standard, so that the story behind each piece is translated into a tangible reality that can be showcased to the world. Through our elegant in-lay techniques we seek to capture the beauty and symbolism of jade, so that each piece brings a lifelong sense of joy to our clients. We combine traditional skill with innovative technology to create artisan jewellery that is made to made to last through the years and across generations.
he exquisite quality and uniqueness of Dejade designs enables us to craft timeless pieces that will create precious memories as they are worn throughout lifetimes. Each design is created as a form of artistic expression through the medium of fine jade jewellery -  through these miniature works of art, our talented craftsmen capture the signature Dejade style of Chinese symbolism and contemporary Western minimalism. Our inspiration comes from the diversity of flora and fauna in the natural world, and our jewellery reflects an interconnection between distinct cultures, as well as the past and future. The harmony between these elements is the very essence of our designs, as we reach a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. With every design we tell a rich story about the extraordinary beauty of jade, so that our pieces undoubtedly stand out and leave an ever-lasting impression of sophistication. Our collections are curated with the specific intention of telling new stories with every release and to carry pieces that fit every mood and occasion, all while upholding an aura of luxury and grandeur.